Pay Your Bill

  • What is EMA?

    Emergency Medicine Associates, P.A., P.C. (EMA) is a group of professional physicians dedicated to caring for patients in the hospital setting. EMA serves Hospitals and their patients in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

  • Why did I get a bill from EMA?

    The statement you received represents the cost of the physician professional services at the time of your or your loved one's visit to our partner hospital.

  • How can I pay my bill?

    EMA gladly accepts check, money order, traveler's check and credit card via online bill pay. When applicable please make payable to "Emergency Medicine Associates" and include the top of your statement when mailing a payment.

  • Are EMA providers employed by the Hospital?

    Your hospital has chosen to partner with EMA to provide medical services. EMA is an industry leading staffing organization comprised of physician and mid-level providers, EMA provides administrative and clinical oversight in several distinct service lines including emergency medicine, hospital medicine, urgent care, critical care, neonatology, pediatric medicine and sports medicine.

  • Will EMA accept my insurance?

    EMA proudly particpates with all programs in which our hospital partners participate with.

  • Why did I receive a bill separate from the hospital for my visit?

    You may receive more than one bill for the same hospital visit. However these bills are for different services- you are not being charged twice rather one bill is from the hospital and one bill is from the physician or EMA in this instance. The hospital bill covers the facility, nursing, equipment and medication whereas the physician bill covers the cost of physician services you or your loved one received.

  • What is a deductible?

    For details on your financial responsibility as outlined by your health insurance company, please contact your health insurance provider. EMA will receive information from your health insurance company regarding your financial obligations for your care. In most instances, your health insurance will cover a certain portion of the charge once the member has met the plan deductible. You may contact the EMA customer service team with any further questions.


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