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Top Performance


Top Performance

Champions for Hospital Success

 Core Measures

Quality & Data

Our unrelenting focus on continuous quality improvement has allowed EMA to outperform most state and national averages for CMS Core Measures. Download our White Paper on EMA's sophisticated Director Dashboard, our key performance tracking tool.

 Patient Safety

Patient Safety

EMA has a robust patient safety program that is directed by Dr. Drew Fuller, an EMA partner and nationally recognized expert in patient safety. Download our White Paper on Patient Safety.

 Length of Stay


EMA has extensive experience designing processes to optimize ED patient flow.  Learn more about EMA’s remarkable performance in delivering low Door-to-Provider times, Length of Stay, and LWOTs at all of our hospitals. Download our ED Turnaround Case Study.


Patient Satisfaction

EMA’s investment and commitment to patient satisfaction has helped us achieve average practice-wide patient satisfaction scores in the 99th percentile for the past three years.  Download our White Paper on our innovative Caring Callbacks program.  

 Risk Management

Risk Management

A comprehensive risk management program can plan a major role in reducing the incidence of clinical errors.  EMA’s Risk Management program has helped our practice achieve a rate of claims per visit that is more than three times lower than the national average.  


 Case Management

Value-Based Care

EMA is at the forefront of a movement to transform Emergency Medicine into the hub of a value-based delivery system that delivers high performance, superior quality and lower costs.  Learn more about the innovative value-based programs and services we are providing to our hospital partners.  Download our White Paper on Value Based Care.