ICD-10: Get Ready!

ICD-10: Get Ready!

By Erin Barber, Associate Director of Billing and Compliance

We are less than two months away from the ICD-10 diagnosis code transition, and it’s time to make sure we’re ready! 

ICD-10 will impact many aspects of our Practice, and it’s important to have everyone’s participation to mitigate these effects.  You’ve probably seen communications about your hospital’s educational programs, and we encourage you to take advantage of any training offered by your site.  The information they prepare for you may have EMR-specific tips on how to appropriately document your diagnoses for ICD-10, which can increase your efficiency and prevent charts from appearing on your Clinical Dashboard post-transition.  Scribe America has also begun a full-scale educational program for all scribe staff, so rest assured that your scribes will be fully informed on how to assist you during and after the transition. 

EMA Central is also finalizing our own educational webinar, tailored to the EMA family of services and programs, which will be distributed to our clinical staff by the end of August.  In the meantime, here are some key points to be aware of as we move toward the October 1st transition deadline:

·        ICD-10 requires increased specificity!  While “unspecified” diagnosis codes will still be available, they will not always be acceptable by our hospital systems, case managers, billing systems, or payers.  Therefore, it is important to document to the highest level of detail available in your clinical understanding of the patient’s condition.

·        Be prepared for increased communication and feedback from the EMA office regarding the level of specificity in your diagnosis documentation.

·        Take advantage of the education offered by your hospital and/or EMR vendors.

·        Be conscious of the legibility of your handwritten records, as this may affect our coders’ ability to code your encounters.

With everyone’s commitment, we can ensure a successful navigation of this impending transition!