Wellness Works!

By Malinda Holt

I attended the Practice Wellness Event in Germantown.  I had my finger pricked—the technician asked me if I was diabetic.  I said no.  She wanted to verify that I hadn’t eaten that morning, and then informed me that my glucose level was extremely high.  She suggested I follow up with my Primary Care Physician as soon as possible.  I didn’t think much of it, but a few weeks later I experienced blurry vision.  I went to the Urgent Care, worried about my glucose level, because of the result I was given at the Practice Wellness event.  I was told that I have Type II Diabetes.  I never would have known!  I am now on medication.  I have made several lifestyle changes as a result.  I am eating better, watching my salt and sugar.  I now broil or bake most of my food.  I have lost 20 lbs!  I have started to attend kickboxing classes twice a week and am working with a dietician.  I am so grateful for the Practice Wellness Event.  I did not know I was diabetic, and would have brushed aside that blurry vision to just being tired.  I am taking an active role in managing my health and wellness thanks to EMA.