Know Your Numbers? Why?

By Gina Reisberg

 Has your doctor been telling you for years that you need to lose weight or get more exercise?  Or perhaps pay attention to your triglycerides or cholesterol?  Mine did.  It was just one of those things that was always on the to do list, but I never actually got to it. My doctor just told me to do it, but never really took the time to tell me why. Then I went to the biometric screening event at the Germantown Office.  I brought my physician results form, had my blood pressure taken, and my waist circumference measured.  The technician then took the time to review the results, and actually explain what they meant, and why they were important. They presented the information clearly and transparently. My doctor didn’t do this for me, but the Wellness Program Technician did. I was able to see my numbers, right next to the normal range.  It was the kick in the pants I needed to pay attention.  I needed to understand what I was working towards and why.  I needed to KNOW MY NUMBERS, but, more importantly, I needed someone to explain why, and make it important to me. The Practice’s Wellness Screening did just that.  I wanted to be eligible for a premium discount, but I also wanted to be healthy. 

 Since that day I have lost 17 pounds. I get more exercise, and I am lifting weights. I took advantage of the nutrition classes and the health coach on the wellness portal. I have worked with the health coach, and have become more educated in how to eat healthy.  I feel so much better, and am motivated to keep working.  I have a Fit Bit Tracker, and work to achieve 10,000 steps every day. I hope everyone takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity to be well.