Update from Drs. Warrington and Crawford who are in Sierra Leone as part of an ebola response clinical team

EMA friends and colleagues,

 We are writing this from Sierra Leone, where we will be working for the next 6 weeks with Partners in Health as part of their ebola response clinical team.  Ebola is not spending nearly as much time on the front pages recently as it was in November, but it is still a huge problem, and Sierra Leone is going to need a lot of help for a long time.  We're thrilled to hear the news that Liberia recently discharged it's last ebola patient, but Guinea and Sierra Leone are still in big trouble.

 Our team will be working in ebola treatment units as well as government hospitals and community clinics, helping not only with acute care of ebola patients, but also with efforts to reopen local health care facilities.  It would be difficult to overstate the devastating effect ebola has had (and continues to have) on this country.  Partners in Health has committed to staying here long-term, and they have a track record of doing good work in countries all over the world.  

 The two of us are here because we trust that Partners in Health has the organizational infrastructure and resources to support us while we're here.  They have their work cut out for them - it is going to take a lot of work and a lot of money, first to beat the ebola outbreak, but then to rebuild what little is left of the health care system here.

 For anyone who is interested in contributing to PIH, we set up a website for that purpose...



Ian Warrington, MD (Sibley Memorial Hospital, Emergency Medicine) and Eric Crawford, MD (Carroll Hospital Center, Pediatric Medicine)