Updates from Dr. Ellen Smith on Sports Medicine and Wilderness Medicine

Dr. Ellen Smith, the Director of Sports Medicine for EMA, has reached the next stages of Med-Chi thru Montgomery Beta testing  her e-book, Wilderness Medicine Field Course Home Study Edition 2015, (planned for 26-30 credits, and under review now.)   Her book is already continuing education accredited for 26.75 credits by NATA BOC.  This very critical certification for sports medicine doctors allows athletic trainers worldwide to  read her book or take her online course and achieve credits. Dr. Smith is a certified instructor for Athletic Trainers, and the physician mentor for multiple Athletic Trainers.  ATc’s are the eyes and ears on the field and having a platoon of athletic trainers is critical to any sports medicine doctor’s practice.   MedStar educational group has scheduled a meeting with Dr. Smith to request this same content be available on the MedStar teaching web as an accredited course for their faculty, med students, residents, and physicians at large.

The first outdoor Wilderness Medicine Field Course is scheduled for May 1-3, planned for 30 CME credits, under review now.  The WMFC is enjoying its 8th year of continuous outdoor classes and has survived a hurricane and a heat wave.  Dr. Smith has trained the White House Presidential Medical Team in wilderness medicine, the residents of Franklin Square, residents of multiple West Virginia hospital programs, the University of Vermont, the University of Maryland, Overseas students most notably Venezuela and Egypt medical training students, and students from California to Maine.  As always her class is filled with medical faculty for residency programs, PA’s, ATc’s police officers, medical students, attendings, residents, military leaders, outdoor adventure leaders and teams preparing for eco-challenge races.  WMFC alumni now number close to 500!

The Medical College of Virginia’s Wilderness Interest group has moved to the second stage in making Dr. Smith’s Wilderness Medicine Field Course and an expanded set of lectures an official Medical School elective with lectures, live teaching and seminars.  With this precedent, 4 local medical schools will be invited to also include this enjoyable and highly sought after content as an elective to their students and residents.  Dr. Kerr has often offered tuition scholarship  support for our scribes to attend Dr. Smith’s courses during their time with EMA and has a 100% medical school acceptance rate for the scribes at MMMC who attended the classes—Thanks Dr. Kerr!

Dr. Smith greatly enjoys her teaching role and is excited to announce The University of Maryland School of Medicine and Department of Ambulatory Cardiology’s invitation to host her Cycling and Endurance Medicine 2015 seminar at the Baltimore Facility this year.  Dr. Smith works closely with the faculty at U of M to study effects of endurance training on the athlete’s heart and organ systems.  This popular second annual conference is planned for July and will be formerly posted on her teaching website when the proposed CME credit levels finalized, planned for 18 credits.  The conference after its first time offer in April 2014 has become popular enough to reach the West Coast and is expecting physicians to enjoy meeting their East Coast Sports Medicine interested colleagues. 

If you have a special interest in sports medicine or find the topics personally interesting, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Smith for more info on these educational or outdoor