Healing in Haiti

Dr. Eric Crawford, a Pediatrician at Carroll Hospital Center, started donating his time and helping the less fortunate in the early 2000’s. Dr. Crawford started out by visiting the Dominican Republic with a friend and saw how much need there was for med- ical attention while he was there, especially in the sugar cane fields where people were living in work camps. Abandoned workers from these camps do not have passports and cannot leave the country. Dr. Crawford went to help with constructing a school for these workers and their families and also started treating them medically.
In 2010 Dr. Crawford was in Haiti doing clinical work when the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck. He had no idea how bad the earthquake was because the only communication available was a satellite telephone. Once it was realized that the earthquake was detrimental to the country Dr. Crawford started going to the local hospitals and helped treat the injured. World Water Relief, a non- governmental organization based out of Atlanta, was also in Haiti helping with disaster relief at the time. Dr. Crawford also paired up with them to help bring water filters to those in need.
For the four weeks following the earthquake Dr. Crawford helped treat and bring water filters to the people of Haiti. His next mis- sion is to help with the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Dr. Eric Crawford has been featured in the Wall Street Journal: The Earthquake Edition.