EMA Pilots a New Patient Satisfaction Workshop

Can patient simulation improve patient satisfaction? EMA will be piloting a new Patient Satisfaction Simulation Workshop that will hopefully become a powerful tool to improve patient satisfaction. EMA has always been interested in improving the experience of our patients and patient simulation offers a potential novel modality of helping our providers deliver the experience patients are looking for. The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey has also made high patient satisfaction scores a critical factor in EMA’s ability to retain and obtain hospital contracts.

Designed by Dr. Tina Latimer, EMA’s System-wide Coordinator for Emergency Medicine Clinical Education and Zac Corrigan, Director of Strategic Development, the 4-hour workshop will take place in the University of Maryland’s Patient Simulation Lab. The lab, which starts in September and is designed to look like a hospital floor, is outfitted with cameras and audio equipment that will allow the participants to navigate a series of simulated patient encounters while being observed remotely by a team of patient satisfaction coaches. Dr. Ross Switkes, EMA’s Director of Patient Satisfaction, and other EMA providers will serve as coaches providing real-time feedback to participants. Participants will also have the ability to view the recorded session themselves on-site or at home though a password protected portal.

Participants were selected for the pilot program from across all EMA sites, provider levels and years of practice to obtain a good representative sample. If the Workshop is successful, both in terms of positive participant experience and impact on patient satisfaction scores, EMA will explore expanding this tool to the entire practice.