1st Annual EMA & Doctors Community Hospital Airway Day

On Wednesday, August 6 2014, Emergency Medicine Associates presented the first annual Doctors Community Hospital Airway Day with overwhelming success. Over fifty members of the medical staff, hospital administration, nursing and ancillary staff attended this three hour event.

Drs. Puneet Chopra, Leon Adelman, and Michael Buns, led simulation-based education for the attendees and the day was capped off by a key note presentation by EMA’s, Dr. Jon D’Souza. Highlights during the day included EMA and DCH protocols currently being implemented, with focus on increasing patient safety, provider readiness and success in emergency airway management.

Attendees received education on all advanced airway modalities in the ED, simulation training with mannequins and were presented with new protocols being implemented at DCH. Moving forward, there has been a call for further EMA educational events and opportunities. With DCH administrative and nursing support, we plan to provide continued leadership in this arena.